2019 SCSCS

National Champion

Kevin Kromer

2019 SCSCS

Division Champions

Kevin Kromer - North

Ben Ebeling - South

2019 SCSCS

Rookie of the Year

Lauren Butler

In Memory of a Racer

Charlie Canterbury

1953 to 2009



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NOTE: Cars which are similar in style that have been or are being phased out by other racing series may be allowed to race with only minor changes.  Approval will be on a case by case basis.  SCSCS will make every attempt to be inclusive, rather than exclusive, however maintaining fair and level competition as well as the integrity of the existing rules platform will have priority.


Registration for the 2020 SCSCS Season is Now Open


Number assignment will be on a first come basis.  If you desire to reserve a number, you can do so by paying the car number registration fee and completing the owner form with the remainder of licenses and fees due by January 15th.



2020 Season Forms

2020 Event Entry Form

PDF Format

2020 Rulebook

All changes are bold typed in the new rules.

PDF Format

2020 Owner/Number Registration:

PDF Format

2020 Driver Registration:

PDF Format

2020 Driver Rookie of the Year Registration:

PDF Format

2020 Crew Member Registration:

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2020 Race Schedule





*Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA


Kingsport Speedway

Kingsport, TN


Shenandoah Speedway

Shenandoah, VA


INDY Summer Nationals

Lucas Oil Raceway

Claremont, IN


*Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA


Salem Speedway

Salem, IN


Midvale Speedway

Midvale, OH


*Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA




*Dominion Raceway

Thornburg, VA

*Denotes SCSCS Premier TV Partner

Tuesdays and Thursdays on

Consult your local listings

*Schedule subject to change without notice.


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