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A Commonwealth Connection; Super Cup Stock Car Series Schedule Set for 2024


Statesville, North Carolina (April 2, 2024) – More Super Cup Stock Car Series green flags have flown in Virginia than any other state since the inaugural campaign in 2008.  After time spent making careful considerations, that trend will continue into 2024 as all five events will highlight certain “classic” attributes within the commonwealth and its geography.


For the full-bodied stock car tour that features rides containing lineage to such series as Pro Cup, ARCA, and NASCAR, the first three weekends of racing have been in place and on the calendar for various teams for the greater part of a few months now.


Kicking off 2024 will be an initial visit to Lonesome Pine Motorsports Park for the Coalminers Classic on Saturday, May 4th.  The 3/8-mile oval and surrounding multi-purpose facility is nestled in the town of Coeburn in which the Southwest corner of Virginia, including Wise County, is historically and presently known to be one of the more active sites to provide a well-suited variety of the natural resource for uses such as electricity generation.  Defending SCSCS champion Harvey Harrison won both his first career series race in 2009 and the most recent two races held at LPMP last year.  Rusty Wallace Racing Experience president Mark Ebert and 10th place in 2023 points Jeff Roark run the current day-to-day track operations, the 11th and 12th series races to be held there on Saturday, May 4th.


Right from the get-go in June on the first day of the month is the next outing, the fifth running of the Veterans Classic at Shenandoah Speedway.  Returning to its original early season date and promoted by California’s Jeffrey Thielscher as well as track owner Jeff Vaughan, the popular annual event takes place this year just days before the largest seaborne invasion in history, known as D-Day, occurred 70 years ago.  The National D-Day Memorial is located only a couple hours from Shenandoah Speedway, which will honor and remember those who have and continue to serve the country.  Veterans and first responders will be admitted for free on this evening.  14 SCSCS checkered flags have waved in the past at the northern Virginia venue with 2023’s runner-up Brent Nelson taking home both customized trophies last September.


Three weeks later will spotlight intense side by side racing at a high-banked track that opened the 2023 SCSCS season.  Franklin County Speedway is operated by Langley Austin and Moonshine Capital Promotions, who have continuously made upgrades and improvements to the facility that originally opened in 1969.  The RidgeRunner Classic on Saturday, June 22nd is in the vicinity of Callaway, Virginia straddling the Blue Ridge Mountains.  2021 champion Ben Ebeling swept the night last year in the return of the series to the world’s fastest 3/8-mile paved oval for the first time since 2011.


Following the first three dates of competition, it was decided to introduce a “summer break” of sorts during the months of July and August to give racers the flexibility to spend time with their families, schedule vacations away from the racetrack, and allow teams to regroup where needed ahead of the final events of 2024.


“Summertime has typically never been our biggest time, participation-wise,” series director Joe Schmaling explains.  “People, among both our driver and fanbase, want to do other activities during that time of the year in this day and age.”


With the first trio of twin races set in stone since winter, there was no urgent pressure to finalize the locations for the remaining placeholders on the calendar during the month of September.  Research regarding what would logistically and financially make most sense along with consideration toward where a majority of teams centrally call home led to finalizing the repeat trips to close out the year.


On Saturday, September 7th, the series returns to action once again at Shenandoah Speedway.  Dubbed the Skyline Classic, this event will bring forth attention to the picturesque Shenandoah National Park and nearby Skyline Drive that winds along the crest of the mountainous region.  It will feature the third occurrence in SCSCS history in which the progressively-banked 3/8-mile oval has hosted the cars and stars twice in a season.


Concluding the 2024 journey is a stop where the year started at Lonesome Pine Motorsports Park.  Immediately following the Champions Classic racing festivities on Saturday, September 28th will be the annual season-ending trophy and awards presentation to celebrate achievements and accomplishments.  The series titles have been decided in Virginia four instances in previous years, but this will be the first time the recipients of the final hardware will be settled on the Coeburn, Virginia asphalt.


Both September occasions will most likely take place during the afternoon hours rather than the evening.  All events are currently intended to feature the twin race format that was alluded to and has become normalized over recent years of SCSCS competition, giving racers the opportunity to earn victories or their best result possible twice in a given day.


More details and information leading up to the start of the season will be available at the Super Cup Stock Car Series official website, on Facebook (search Super Cup Stock Car Series), Twitter (@SCSCSRacing), and Instagram (SCSCS_Racing).



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2024 Race Schedule





Lonesome Pine Raceway Park

Coeburn, VA


Shenandoah Speedway

Shenandoah, VA


Franklin County Speedway

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Shenandoah Speedway

Shenandoah, VA


Lonesome Pine Raceway Park

Coeburn, VA



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