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Advisory Board Guiding Competitors and Super Cup Stock Car Series to Success


Mount Joy, Pennsylvania (February 29, 2016) From the beginning when exhibition races were held in the autumn of 2007, the presence of the Super Cup Stock Car Series has far exceeded a one person effort.  While many touring series have existed and succeeded with decision makers at the top with their eye on the competition, SCSCS has taken it a step further by establishing an advisory board to support Joe Schmaling, who was appointed as Director of Competition and has maintained that role since its inception.


This advisory board has consisted of various owners, drivers, crew members, and officials throughout the years and entering season number nine has a diverse balance of minds to bring unique viewpoints to the table.


The longest standing member is Kelly Kromer, a wife and mother of competitors in the series.  In addition, as the one who budgets many of the day-to-day expenses for the K2 Motorsports team she brings the car owner perspective.


“Having considerations and input from our longstanding drivers and listening to the owners is important,” Kromer said.  “It’s about what is best for the drivers financially while keeping fairness and safety, basically trying to accommodate everyone’s needs as best as possible.”


Kromer’s profession during the week as a school guidance counselor also has helped at times in a setting where tempers can potentially get high.  Communication skills served as a mediator, in which she continues to hone as she works on her second masters degree, in an attempt for certain events to be forgotten by the next race is a must in grassroots racing.


“Everybody can get frustrated on the track or in the pits,” Kromer, who also brings experience from working as part of a family-owned business when she was younger, pointed out.  “Strategies to utilize so that everybody is heard without causing conflict if there is a concern is part of it.”


Kromer continued that her position within the series also allows for those invested in the series to express their opinion to her, knowing that they would like her to run with it and take it back to the other advisory board members and officials.


Components that are not normally seen on the surface come into play to keep teams and drivers like husband Kevin and son Kyle coming back.  Taking care of items before, during, and after the day of the race ranging from preparing food and drinks, laundry for all the racing gear, hotel booking, and making sure radios are charged are all pertinent to make things go.


“I truly feel that the mothers and wives are a big part of it,” Kromer stressed.  “Being a motivator and keeping the drivers positive so that when they’re at the track all that they have to focus on is the car.”

Lou Ansel is another advisory board member that brings multiple hats to each meeting of the minds, acting as both driver and owner for his endeavors.


“I have the unique position of being able to view it all three ways,” Ansel said regarding seeing ideas from a driver, owner, and advisory board point of view.  “If my input is positive in all three areas then my thinking is sound, but if it is not then I have to rethink it.”


Ansel added some supplementary factors to calculate, including perhaps the most important piece that contributes to the races occurring.


“I try to look at the show and what it looks like for the fan,” Ansel explained.  “What is the final product we are putting together is all part of being an advisory board member.”


Ansel also reiterated the importance of driver conduct during the course of an event.


“All of us have to race with an implied respect for each other,” Ansel said.  “We are all little guys with small pockets, and the advisory board looks closely at on-track incidents.”


Continuing on the team ownership side has been Cal Richardson, who won the 2014 series championship with driver JJ Pack.  Richardson has been part of various decisions in recent years such as the move to the double-file restart option and the switch to the American Racer tire compound, all part of preserving stability in the series.


“Cal has been around racing and multiple motorsports organizations, and brings a different perspective and valuable input,” Ansel noted.


Two new members join the board for 2015.  One of them has been a crucial part of the series for many years, West Virginia driver Harvey Harrison.


“Having Harvey is going to be wonderful because I feel like someone is coming with my husband’s perspective and brings the appropriate terminology,” Kelly Kromer mentioned.


“Harvey is not only a great driver, but is also a fine human being,” Ansel added.  “His demeanor and the way he thinks around certain things bring a lot of value to the series.”


The second joining member will be Rich Zillweger, another parent of a driver in the series, Jeff Zillweger.

“I’m looking forward to it,” an enthused Zillweger described.  “I’ve never done anything exactly like this before, but it will be interesting hearing what people have to say and help them oversee a little bit.”

One item that Zillweger happened to bring up perhaps summed up the main purpose of the Super Cup Stock Car Series advisory board.


“It takes more than one person.”


Parties interested in joining the Super Cup Stock Car Series can view the series rulebook and more on or email Director of Competition Joe Schmaling at Organizations looking for information about taking part on a sponsorship or marketing level, including events scheduled to air on MAVTV and can contact Marketing Director Bruce Baker at


Additional updates and information are available on the official Facebook page ( and on Twitter @SCSCSRacing.



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