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National Champion

Jason Kitzmiller

2022 SCSCS

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Jason Kitzmiller


Ron Langdon


Ben Ebeling


2022 SCSCS

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In Memory of a Racer

Charlie Canterbury

1953 to 2009


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Attention Super Cup Owners/Drivers/Spotters: Raceceivers are now available to Super Cup teams


Getting information in a timely manner is important to you and your driver.  Stop the frustration of not knowing were to line up or who is the lucky dog.  When the line-up is called out everyone will hear it at the same time.  No more disputes over who goes where. No time wasted getting cars lined up.  Don't wait for the official to find you and pass the info, second hand.  Get it first, get it directly from race control.

You will know when the one to go signal is coming before it comes out giving you time to make an adjustment or get back in line for the restart.  You will know what the caution was for and where it is on the track.  You will know how long before the race goes green again.  You will know what lap has been completed and how many to go.

R H 2 is the official radio supplier to the series and has a product that will answer all these questions and more.  The information you need is available from race control.  You only need to monitor race control. Don't be left in the dark trying to figure out what's going on. Clean up knows, the wrecker operators and safety personal know.  The information is free, you just need to be on the right channel.

R H 2 has a program for Super Cup competitors that is recommended by the series.  You can use your own scanner as well.  This is not mandatory, However it is highly recommended.  The people that use Raceceivers will know what's going on all though the race.  The other option is to ask after the race is over. RH2 is linked to our site.  



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2023 Race Schedule




Franklin County Speedway

Callaway, VA


Jennerstown Speedway

Jennerstown, PA

7/8 Rain Date

Pulaski County Motorsports Park

Radford, VA


Dominion Raceway 

Thornburg, VA


Lonesome Pine Raceway

Coeburn, VA


Shenandoah Speedway

Shenandoah, VA


Rain Date


Little Rock

Rockingham, NC

*Schedule subject to change without notice.


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