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The Night "The Lights Went Out" in Ona


Skyland, North Carolina (July 21, 2009) - On Saturday, July 18, 2009, the Super Cup Stock Car Series raced at Ona Speedway in Ona, West Virginia, with a great thanks to our sponsor Brumfield’s Toting. What a night of racing! Not only was there heat on the track, but also some excess heat in a circuit breaker. 


The day began with the #75 Jody Harrison taking the pole, although Saturday night showed that Michael Mohelski was ready to win with the #12 car. Running third and biding his time, Michael had the best seat in the house to watch race leader, Tyler Nuckles and Jody Harrison battle for the lead. 


The race was slowed by only 2 cautions in the first half of the 100 laps of the night. The second half of those 100 really created fan excitement! On lap 70, Jody Harrison got into the leader Tyler Nuckles and his #71 car while trying to take the position and sent Nuckles turning around and bringing out one of four cautions during the last 50 laps. After the caution, Jody Harrison and his #75 were sent to the rear of the field, leaving the #12 of Michael Mohelski with the top spot. 


At lap 80, Mohelski was out front holding off a very hard charging Harvey Harrison in the #51 car when the entire raceway went black! That’s right, an overheated circuit breaker blew and the “Lights Went Out in Ona Speedway”.  This particular bizarre turn of events really proved what a talented group of drivers the Super Cup Series has because while driving at full speed into a blackout, none of the drivers wrecked! Amazing!! These Super Cup Drivers never fail to amaze a crowd! 


When the lights returned, there were 20 laps to go. Mohelski restarted the race after some more cautions were brought out, including the last one of a Green-White Checker for him to get his first win in his 5th start of the Super Cup Series. The battles on the track proved to be an excitement to the crowd, with their voices and cheers carrying during the 100 laps of the race about what was happening at the time, and their desire to see the Super Cup Series return to Ona Speedway in the future. This truly was a one of a kind race night, but when the Super Cup Series races, it can always provide the crowd with the unexpected leaving them cheering for more! Super Cup Series would once again like to thank Brumfield’s Toting for sponsoring the night and helping to make it all happen.


Top 5 Finishing Order 7/18/09

# 12 Michael Mohelski

# 51 Harvey Harrison

# 71 Tyler Nuckles

# 1   Mike Kurkowski

# 66 Larry Wilcox

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