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Reitenour Shines In Super Cup Stock Car Opener

by Skip Wall -

Skyland, North Carolina (Mach 10, 2008) - Fun, disappointment, jubilation and frustration were just some of the words to describe Saturdays opening race for the Super Cup Stock Car series opener.  For Schrewsbury PA driver, Wally Schweizer, is was bitter disappointment; but for Miamisburg, Oh Megan Reitenour, is still jubliation today.

Reitenour only 16 years old, took the lead with three laps remaining in the 100 lap race at Tri County Speedway in Hudson NC to claim the win in the first ever Super Cup Stock Car Series race.

"This is awesome" says Reitenour who has had her drivers license for less than a year. "We had our ups and down but be still came back to victory."
Reitenour had to battle back thru the field after she pinched off young Ryan Miller on lap 27 and spun out sending her to the rear of the field after making adjustments on her Drink Inn Fusion.

"I learned a lot after I pinched the 71 (Miller) off and then came back slow. We just picked them off one by one."


Schweizer who led the most laps came home second. Rounding out the top five was Daniel Johnson, Miller and Larry Wilcox.  For Schweizer it was a bitter disappointment losing the lead with less than three laps to go but none the less he was happy with a second.

"We still love coming home second and it helps us for the points chase. We didn't think we had a car that would run like this."
In fact Schweizer didn't even think he was going to have an engine for this race. With less than three weeks before the race. his dad Walter, said his son couldn't get the engine refreshed in time. So Wally said everything worked out for them.


Jim Crabtree Jr. won the pole for the series and season opener but had to start sixth with the top six inverted. Crabtree was battling for the lead when he blew an engine on lap 19.

Daniel Johnson was one of the ones that moved over to this series from ProCup, came home third.

"This was an exciting race. This Five Points Racing Development car came home in one piece. Were looking forward to the next race."

Johnson had a shot at the lead but tangled with Crabtree. " I had the sun in my eyes and just got into the back of him and turned him around. Hopefully he wont be too mad at me."  While happy finishing third here, his ProCup race at Iowa a few years ago remains his best race but Johnson plans to compete more in this series.

"I like this series (Super Cup) and is what Hooters was made up for but I will be back here."

Cold, sleet and 30 mile an hour winds may have hampered the crowd however they absolutely saw a good show. Series competition director Joe Schmaling couldn't have been more proud.

"This is exactly what we are looking for. This race produced good racing like its supposed to be. We heard no complaints from the drivers and we only heard praise from them. They cant wait till Newport" (next race) says Schmalling.

The race had 10 cautions for the green flag only 100 lap race.

Rietenhour's victory was a surprise to everyone except car owner Mart Nesbitt. "
I had high expectations from her from the very beginning. I knew she could win because she will listen to you. She is dedicated to learn this sport." Even Rietenhour's spotter said they found themselves a driver while the team celebrated in victory lane.

Rietenhour's victory also serves notice that females and youth can win in the new series that is made up of steel bodied cars that have been outlawed in ProCup Series. Several independent drivers moved over to this new series from ProCup. So how do they feel that a young 16 old comes out and beats them in the first race? Rietenhour sums it up " A lot of those drivers came over and congratulated me."

However the foremost thing is that these drivers have found themselves in a new series that cares for the small budget teams. Every car at that race had a chance to win. Some go on to say that this series could have as much as 50 entries before the season ends. Schmaling only says "We will accommodate them. We will run a B race if needed. Were not going to send cars home for not making a race."

And that's what racing needs.



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